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World Of Rest: Online RPG       MOD APK       Posted 2018-12-07


World Of Rest: Online RPG mod latest version for android system - modify top best mobile applications & games.


Globe Of Rest is a multi-player role-playing online android game in fantasy genre. Its hero has to defeat another zone and perform feats to protect his town. Step by step, hit by hit, he becomes more risky for his opponents and more and more out of reach for his opponents. For courageous researchers An exciting travelling across the varied Globe Of Rest will give you a real joy. Your hero will war with various creatures, from wolves to minotaurs and creatures using both his weapon, and magic. He will establish order on islands and in vaults, in deserts and jungles, on the plains and in the mountains, using force and sharpness of mind. The trophies obtained in the wars will give your hero cash so that he could buy another ammunition. Hundreds of opportunities for becoming the best We suggest your hero mastering extra set of trades: a hunter, a fisherman, an herbalist, an alchemist, a blacksmith. There are almost no limits for improving your skills. With every won level, your hero gets access to another types of weapon, armour and magical objects. If you want, you can buy unique ammunition for real cash. It will instantly improve the character's parameters and speed up achievement of the android game purposes. As for the rest, the android game is completely free. Beat your enemies and create friends As you play, you can see other users' weapon and their ammunition. Compete with them, trying to excel them by all parameters or build a squad to beat the creatures. Invite your mates and create another ones via the chat. It is much more interesting to explore the unknown together. Everything to the user's comfort The player gets easily accustomed to the magic globe thanks to intuitive controls. A detailed map makes the orientation easier. The score of victories and defeats, as well as a lot of other useful info about your hero, is available if you click his icon. If you quit the android game, it is saved automatically. Next time, you will launch exactly where you finished. Become the best protector of the Globe Of Rest! Note: The android game is in the scene of early access (active scene of revision and improvement). Your suggestions on the development are welcome!

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For Android: 4.1 and up Tool: World Of Rest: Online RPG mod apk
When updated: 2018-12-07 Star Rating:
Name: World Of Rest: Online RPG apk mod free Extension: Apk
Author: BMM-Soft File Name: com.bmmwor2
Current Version: 1.31.0 User Rating: Teen
Downloads: 10000- Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: Android Type: Role Playing





1. Hippogriffs: Added new routes.<br>2. New trophies from monsters-leaders: weapons, armor, amulets and coins.<br>3. Ability to re-adjust player parameters: &quot;Reset parameters&quot; button.<br>4. New monsters-leaders, which can be attacked by a group of players.<br>5. The island is divided into habitat zones for monsters-leaders of different levels.<br>6. Updated the main menu of the game.<br>7. New market with new armor.<br>8. Improved game performance in unstable internet connection.<br>9. New monsters for 20+ levels.


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